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Major Highlight

Positive betting.

One of the most interesting strategies in casino betting is positive betting system. Learn how to apply it when playing online.

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Which system do you usually use?

Martingale system

Positive betting

Cancellation system

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All information about anonymous sports betting sites

We work with the best anonymous sports betting sites and bookmakers, carefully screening and filtering them, collecting the positives and negatives of each operator, and comparing them to the online sports betting sites that have been selected as the best of the best. Quality service, super bonuses, accurate predictions, and fantastic picks in any sport - we do the dirty work for you! We're the winners in online sports betting!

Why is it important to make this comparison of anonymous sports betting sites? Why can't you just bet on the first sportsbook that comes along? You can, but you will suffer the damage later.

A carefully selected anonymous sports betting site can save you a lot of headaches, help you choose the right bets, give you promotions and share information with you. And comparing the offers of different sports betting sites is an absolute necessity, just like buying a car without assessing the market.

Comparisons of anonymous sports betting sites from gives us transparency in the market. If we have an insight into what each sports betting site is offering, we can better develop our strategy, highlighting what we want to get out of our bets and which are the best anonymous sports betting sites for us. And by comparing the costs, promotions, bonuses, and offers of sports betting sites, we can choose the best bookmaker.

Best sports betting sites

We cannot stress enough: bet only with a reliable, licensed bookmaker; otherwise, you may have problems collecting your winnings, and it will be easier for scammers to find you. As we only work with the best anonymous sports betting sites and licensed betting shops, if you choose us, you can be sure that your money will be safe, and you will be able to access your winnings. Sports betting sites from the best to the best!

Gambling is entirely legal in the UK, as is running an online sportsbook, so as long as the online sportsbook site and bureau have the proper paperwork, we are not liable to pay taxes on our winnings. However, if the bookmaker is not licensed, we are still responsible for paying tax and contributions on our winnings from online sports betting sites. The National Tax and Customs Board rarely prosecutes gambling cases, but that does not mean we should not be vigilant. The best sports betting sites have paperwork, just like the best sports betting sites!

Furthermore, licensed anonymous sports betting sites must issue a certificate of winnings. Bookmakers can get a license to operate games by applying for it, but we as bettors need to ensure that we are always playing legally.

The bookmakers' websites must meet a number of licensing criteria, such as the inclusion of instructions in English, a description of the rules for participating in gambling, contact details for bookmakers, how to deal with complaints, and warnings that only persons over 18 years of age are allowed to play on sports betting sites and a warning about problem gambling addiction.

Online anonymous sports betting sites must also state that the betting operator has the necessary licenses and paperwork. We can easily ensure that we are in the right place and can bet on anonymous online sports betting sites within the law.

The best anonymous sports betting sites - How do we decide?

There are so many bookmaker sites in the world of sports betting that we can hardly stop counting. Do you ask how we choose the best online betting sites from such a vast selection? We select the bookmaker sports betting sites based on precise criteria, testing and filtering them ourselves to ensure that only the best ones make the final list. What do we use to decide?

Offer and live betting

There are so many sports and bets, so we don't want to be tied to one market. Our betting sites cover almost every sport and are at every live tournament and event. So you can bet on what's happening and when!

Odds: We like to combine, just like you! With our bookmakers, you can not only place one type of bet, but you can place a wide variety of bets the way you want them. We've got the best chances from online sports betting sites. All you have to do is decide!

Bonuses offers

One of the most enticing things about sports betting is the bonus. Who wouldn't want to bet more with more money and get even more bonuses? We work with sports betting sites and bookmakers whose offers you can turn into opportunities. Play, search for bonuses, and take advantage of them because it could be a special offer or a good bonus that leads to a successful bet!

User-friendliness, mobile app, design

Nobody believes the information on poorly put together sports betting sites, and we have no desire to sign up to online sports betting sites where we can barely find what we are looking for. That's why we consider this: clean design, easy to follow, user-friendliness - we've thought of this when we're looking at bookmakers.

Moreover, as life without a smartphone is almost unthinkable today, we give particular preference to anonymous sports betting sites that are also available within a phone app so that you can use sports betting sites more easily!

Payment options

If you're playing, you'll want to use your favorite cryptocurrency, as it's hard to keep track of the change in your head and exchange rates fluctuate anyway. That's why it's essential that we only work with the best sports betting sites where you can pay in crypto! You can transfer and deposit money at the betting sites and place your bets in fiat currencies. No need to change. No more calculating in your head. Focus on the stake!

Plus, you can choose from various payment methods, whether a simple credit card transfer or online payment. We pay attention to the details!


We're talking serious money; with us, even the smallest bet counts. That's why security comes first. The anonymous sports betting sites we've selected are entirely secure and hacker-proof, so you don't have to worry about your money going to the wrong place or your data being stolen. Security first!

Customer Service

The quality and speed of customer service are important criteria for us when choosing a partner. Because we know that our customers can have questions and problems at any time, and we want to provide them with the best help available almost immediately. Our bookmakers must have an excellent customer service department ready to answer any questions!

Favorite anonymous sports on the anonymous sports betting sites

We've put together the cream of the crop for you, and now we've put together a little taste of what you can expect!

Football: We love football, and of course, good football bets, which you can place with great odds!

Tennis: Classics on the tennis court too! The love of tennis has come to us so that the best tennis bets can be placed! Attention, the big tournament is about to start, and you can put your bets now!

Basketball: If basketball is more your thing, we've got something new. Bet on your favorite teams, with high odds on exciting games!

American sports: If rugby or baseball is your favorite sport, don't worry; you can easily bet on American sports from the UK with American odds!

E-Sports: Sports are not just about classic team games, of course, as E-sports are also making significant inroads in the UK! Call of Duty, League of Legends, you can bet on everything game you like.

Horse Racing: Horse racing is the father of gambling and betting. But horse racing has been replaced by online betting, which you can also bet.

Which online sports betting sites should I avoid?

Betting is fun and can be a lot of excitement. However, one thing you shouldn't worry about is the sportsbook's reliability. As we said, we only work with trustworthy betting shops, which we have selected after thorough research, and we write not only the good things about them but also the bad. Reliability and transparency are important to us.

Still, we would like to point out that, unfortunately, not all anonymous sports betting sites are reliable. What should we look out for when we investigate?

Paperwork: The most important and quickest way to check whether a betting site is trustworthy is if it has a license to operate and displays this license on its website. This is how we know that the betting shop really exists and is operating legally.

Transparency: If there is a lack of contact details or proper paperwork, this can be a big stop sign for us. Always ensure the betting shop is straightforward, transparent, and has existing contact details.

Reviews: Google is your friend. Use it! If you have questions about a betting shop, search for it in the search software and check the reviews. If we notice anything strange, it will be revealed here!

Customer support: Good, reliable anonymous betting sites don't have chatbots waiting for your questions but real people you can contact if you have any problems.

Load times - If your betting website is cluttered, hard to load, and full of dead links, think again: can they provide a reliable anonymous service if they're having trouble running the website?

How do I know I am dealing with a reliable operator?

Pay attention to details! A big welcome bonus is not everything! Check the bottom of the page, look for the relevant contact details, the address of the registration, and whether the agency is licensed.

Other things that may stand out in a reliable operator are the clear and straightforward availability and description of the terms of use, the indication of the rules, the live help, the clarity of the site, and if the feedback is good on the site. These things let you know you are on a reliable betting site.