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Major Highlight

Positive betting.

One of the most interesting strategies in casino betting is positive betting system. Learn how to apply it when playing online.

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Which system do you usually use?

Martingale system

Positive betting

Cancellation system

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Positive betting and negative progressions

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During the whole gambling history lots betting systems have been developed. Even the scientists and the most famous philosophers were obsessing with a question of making right and moreover winning bets. For example, Albert Einstein who was fond of a roulette game thought about its system much and came to the outcome that the best way to win a game is to grab money at the moment of dealer's distraction. And that's it!


Yeah, there are some systems that don't need the player's application of different mathematical configurations within the gambling zone, and Einstein's point of view was right in some way. But still there are bets that are based on lowering and increasing systems that always control your money expense at the casinos. The main betting tactics are positive betting progression and negative ones.

Positive betting progression

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red chipsThe main variations of positive progression are: the 1-3-2-6 System, the Parlay System and the Paroli System.

The main point of this betting strategy is to play more when you win and bet less when you lose. It's very easy from the first point of view, but if you start following this tactic you'll see that you are going to make efforts accomplishing it. A problem is that a gambler can't guess the streak, until it finishes. The right gamblers' moves are to progress and decrease bets slowly. It is said that positive progression is the most popular and the most effective within betting systems. You'll never be wiped out because of the serious losses.

Paroli system is considered to be one of the well-known positive progressions, when the player takes advantage of the winning streaks. You expect 3 winnings to be your progressions: at first you bet $5, then $10 up to $20. The Then return to your beginning bet in the amount of $5 and keep using the

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Negative betting progression

The players have to do everything the other way round in negative system. You're increasing your bets, when you see that you're losing, and shrinking them when you're winning. These betting progressions are considered to be extremely risky, because after the long-run play you can happen to be a loser and forget about your total bankroll. Plus if you like to use this system, you have always to have a great amount of capital, which is likely to be wasted while playing. Nerve-wracking is guaranteed.

red chipsThe main variations of the negative progression are: the D'Alembert System, the Labouchere System and the Martingale System.

The most popular negative progression is the Martingale system, when you multiply your bets after each loss. It's popular, and it's very strange why there are so many players that stick to it when this system has caused lots of player's breaks and even more than other systems.