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Major Highlight

Positive betting.

One of the most interesting strategies in casino betting is positive betting system. Learn how to apply it when playing online.

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Which system do you usually use?

Martingale system

Positive betting

Cancellation system

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Chips and Pot Rules at Casinos

The main action that takes place at casinos is betting and there is a protocol developed/ rules which aim at lessening betting confusion and increasing security when gambling. To achieve this aim some of the casino equipment pieces are used. Chips or casino tokens refer to small discs that act as casino currency. Table games majorly use colored metal or injection molded clay/ plastic tokens of different denominations while slot machines primarily use metal chips. The chips are used widely as play money for casual and tournament games. In poker, the pot of chips is used to refer to the amount of money wagered by the player in a single game. Essentially, it is largely believed that ‘pot’ is derived from or related to ‘jackpot’.

As it was mentioned before, chips are casino money used for placing bets in casinos. As any currency chips have their denominations and may differ in their design. That is why chips, as well as coins, are usually collected by players and chips-hunters. Before you start a game in a certain casino look through the denominations of the chips as there are no common rules on chips colors or design which will indicate the denomination. In some casinos blue plastic chips are valued for $100, in other - $5.

Splitting of Pot

When the casino games comes to the end, which happens by showdown or folding od one of the players, the casino pot is actually won and it is time to share it among players who hold the winning bet/cards. There are times when the pot is split among many players in case there is more than one player who can be called a winner. In such games, the winner is not just the player holding the highest hand but in certain conditions and depending on the rules, the player with the lowest hand can also win the game, as well as a player who has some particular card combination. As you can see, a game may have numerous conditions to determine a winner and William Hill casino games promo code allows you to participate and possibly meet these conditions on most advantageous terms.

Chips in Online Casinos

While playing the casino game online, the pot will be automatically taken by the gaming software. There is some software which shows amount of pot just next to the dealer’s graphical representation. You will be able to see how the pot is changing with each bet placed. In some online casinos the pot will be changed only after all bets are made, and you will not be able to guess how much each of the players at your table put. For some places this peculiarity seems to be a drawback, other prefer to play in such way.

Using chips in online casinos is not such important as in traditional gambling places, as you cannot see or touch them. Online casino chips are just virtual stakes which are made in a special field. That is why online casinos so not attract chips-hunters, who always try to find not only beautiful, but also rare chips of the best gambling places.