Major Highlight

Major Highlight

Positive betting.

One of the most interesting strategies in casino betting is positive betting system. Learn how to apply it when playing online.

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Which system do you usually use?

Martingale system

Positive betting

Cancellation system

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Casino comp points benefits

comp points

The best thing that can happen with players who play a lot and for a long time, but don't receive the wished results is the free casino comp points! It's a great possibility to begin playing again with even greater expectation to meet the fortune. These items provided by a casino are made simply to encourage gamblers and entice them to play more.

How to get casino comp points?

The quantity usually depends on a gambling type, which a player is testing; how long he/she is playing and how much the gambler bets. Actually, more casinos have special hosts that give out such casino bonuses and thus they have a possibility to contact those players to invite and involve them into the wagering establishment again.

If you are a frequent visitor in a particular casino you'll be given a special club card. All your points will be calculated with its help and you'll be easily awarded by free casino comps to make online casino betting even more enjoyable and pleasant.

Casino comp levels

The lowest comp point that you can receive in the casino is free beverages, namely alcohol. If you're wagering at the famous and respectable casino, you can receive this "present" free of charge just for being there.

You can also get free food with the help of comps. There must be some kind of a restaurant or a café in the casino. It is organized in the following way: you're just given certain amount of money which you can spend only in a restaurant. Usually the amount is extremely high - you can eat in abundance there.

The other level which is more expensive than the first comps is an opportunity to have a hotel room for free. If a casino possesses the attached hotel, it's like a dream of every gambler - to come down and play! It can be some other hotel nearby just paid by the casino. Also there are additional comp points of so-called "RFB", where you'll enjoy beverages, food and room for free!

To satisfy a gambler

Except these three main levels of the casino comp points which the gamblers can receive in the casino, there are lots of other free services for them. It may be limo ride, different tickets to the cinema, concerts, golf, private areas of gambling and many others!

So, your task is to collect a special number of these points and enjoy the casino's freebie! There are many casino comp hustlers that try to swell the quantity of points to satisfy the free services maximally!