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Major Highlight

Positive betting.

One of the most interesting strategies in casino betting is positive betting system. Learn how to apply it when playing online.

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Which system do you usually use?

Martingale system

Positive betting

Cancellation system

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Learn the betting glossary easily!


It is common knowledge how it is important to understand the language of the environment in which you're situated: whether it's another country, group of people or a casino. Moreover gamblers have to know not only terminology that is used in the wagering establishment but also the "idiom" of every gambling game they practice, and even the main terms of the betting glossary.

Betting glossary tips

It's not difficult: you just have to sort out where you're going to make your bets, and just try to consider the following betting glossary tips that will definitely help you!

  • Action - this is the sum of money which the gambler has bet ("put into action") during the whole gambling session.
  • Aggregate Limit - the casino's payout liability during one particular game.
  • Arm - a special term used in craps: it denotes the gambler who is very skilled in throwing dice and even has the power to change the game's odds.
  • Banker - it's a dealer in card games. A player can also possess such a status in turn.
  • Bankroll - It is also called "roll" - the total amount of money that a player or a casino has at the particular moment to back the betting activities. It denotes often the total strategy of gambling money management which gamblers use to control the own bankroll in the casino.
  • Beef - the wrangle or dispute between a player and a bookmaker or a dealer. It concerns the problematic situations of the bet's outcome.
  • Bet - can be known as a wager.
  • Betting limits - this is the minimum and maximum sum of money that a player can wager at the table. Not less than minimum and not more than maximum - strict betting rules.
  • Bonus - money or extra free game that can be presented to you without any payments from your side. Reasons of bonuses can be various according to different types of gambling games.
  • Camouflage - any action that a player can accomplish in the casino to conceal cheating: some mimics, mixing in betting, pretend to be fake drunken etc.
  • Capping - usually it's a bets capping: when a gambler places some chips on the top of bet that was wagered and this is done after the dealer has started.
  • Card sharp - a professional in card games.
  • Deal - it's the action during which the cards are given out in a card game.
  • Dime Bet - it's a wager in the amount of $1,000.
  • Drop - the sum of money that is lost.
  • Edge - it is the advantage over the opponents (whether it's a casino or a player).
  • Firing - when the player bets a lot of money and the bets are high.
  • George - the player who gives tips to the dealers.
  • Gross Winnings - the total payouts that include even the player's stake.
  • Holding your own - it's the action during which you neither win nor lose.
  • Hot - it's a player that is "on a winning stake". Also the slots machine that pays out can be called in such a way.

As you see, the list can be everlasting: there are lots of other betting glossary terms that are necessary if you want to stand out as a versed player and earn a lot. But even with this "pack" of terms you'll be the only a newcomer in every casino!