Major Highlight

Major Highlight

Positive betting.

One of the most interesting strategies in casino betting is positive betting system. Learn how to apply it when playing online.

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Which system do you usually use?

Martingale system

Positive betting

Cancellation system

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The best casino bets you can make!

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When you're a tyro, you usually come at the casino, just to excite with hilarious and luring games, observe and play at those sophisticates tables and machines. You don't think much about bets; maybe you're informed about main rules a little bit. But that heat and adrenaline provide the main and the best feeling that each gambler has ever felt in his\her life.

But if you have already become a skilled hand and really want to improve your abilities maximally, you have to make lots of efforts to become an expert. One of the matters that you have to consider is the bets that you make in each game - they have to be right, concentrated and weighed. So, be attentive not to be at stake betting casino games!

The best bets in the best casino

Actually, lots of factors depend on the quality of the casino in which you're trying to make best casino bets. The reliable establishment will do everything to attract you and to make you pleased.

Even if you notice that that's it, you're losing, good casino will do everything to leave you there, tempting with other less "grabbing" games where you'll try your luck and won't make the worst bets.

There must be always loss limits as well as clear betting rules and tips which will help each player not to feel miserable and scammed. So, comfort must be on the highest level, and you'll definitely have a good time!

The best casino games with the best casino bets

You know already that best casino games are those with less house edge - it's not pleasant when you realize that you are somehow robbed by the wagering establishment or house in which you play. You'll have some of the advantage in the best games. But you have to be aware of the best casino bets which you can apply while gambling. The most favorable bets that you can make are:

  • Counting cards in Blackjack. You have to know how to count cards in a right way, and you'll always have the advantage. Play for small stakes until the moment when deck has tens and aces of great numbers. Then don't forget to raise the stakes.
  • Craps tactic (pass and don't pass). Stick to these wagers and the edges will never reach more than 1, 41%. Try to combine your stakes with the laying odds and you'll see the percentage increase. There is another tactic to place 6 and 8 (not-too-shabby bets), and you'll have only 1, 52% of the house advantage.
  • Avoid egalite in the Baccarat. Put your bets on the "moron-spot tie" (egalite) and go for banker, your edge will increase while the house's will be only 1.06 %. If you go for player, you'll have 1.24% that is also very good.

It's not the limit of really reasonable and solidly good bets that one can make at the particular casino. Read more, learn more and experience more!